Data today is not only growing faster and bigger than ever, it’s also considerably different

than it has been. It comes from different places social media and the Internet of Things,

 in addition to the enterprise itself.

It’s used in different operations

analytics and cognitive workloads as well as backups and archiving.


It’s structured differently on

flash, as file and object data, and as traditional block data.


And it’s stored differently

in a software-defined, storage-rich server infrastructure and in the cloud rather than only a storage area network (SAN) environment. But just as these differences can make data more beneficial for business, they can also add complexity and cost for IT.


Challenges ranging from management to licensing often arise from the jumble of multi-vendor applications typically deployed to support virtualized environments. But integrated solutions managed together and purchased together under a simplified licensing and pricing structure – and then used as needed at no additional expense – can provide the streamlined management and lower cost organizations need to get the most from data.


Improve the way you manage, protect, and store data with IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, which includes many of the SDS products listed below. The products share a common design, which helps speed their deployment and adoption

IBM Spectrum Control

Analytics-driven hybrid cloud data management to reduce costs by up to 73%

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

Virtualization of mixed block environments to increase data storage by up to five times

IBM Spectrum Protect

Optimized hybrid cloud data protection to reduce backup costs by up to 53%

IBM Spectrum Accelerate

Enterprise block storage for hybrid cloud deployed in minutes instead of months

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Complete VM protection and availability that’s easy to set up and manage yet scalable for the enterprise

IBM Spectrum Scale

High-performance, highly scalable hybrid cloud storage for unstructured data driving cognitive applications

IBM Spectrum Archive

Fast data retention that reduces total cost of ownership for active archive data by up to 90%

IBM Cloud Object Storage

Flexible, scalable and simple object storage with geo-dispersed enterprise availability and security for hybrid cloud workloads


IBM Software‐Defined Storage For Dummies

Software‐Defined Storage For Dummies tells the story of this paradigm shift in data management technology. This book introduces IBM Spectrum Storage, a leading family of SDS solutions, and provides plenty of information and ideas on how these “thinking” systems from IBM can help your cognitive business be a market leader.

IBM Spectrum Storage – How it Works

IBM Spectrum Storage is a new storage software family that’s designed to change the economics of storage with intelligent software. It delivers proven technology for software defined storage that can flexibly store data at optimal cost, helping maximize performance and ensure security.

IBM Data Sheet

Get unlimited access to the IBM® Spectrum Storage™ family and IBM Cloud Object Storage software.License the suite on a cost-p er-t erabyte (TB) basis so pricing is easy to understand and predictable; change or add software without raising license costs.Improve the way you manage, protect and store data; deploy new storage faster. Simplify the evolution of storage to a software- defined infrastructure supporting cognitive and other new workloads

IBM Spectrum Storage simplifies your storage infrastructure and optimizes data economics

Managing 2,500 petabytes of data created daily presents new opportunities and storage challenges for organizations. IBM® Spectrum Storage™ is the new family of software defined storage that conquers the data explosion with flexible data center infrastructure.

IDC White Paper Software Defined Storage Opportunities for the Enterprise

In this White Paper IDC outlines four use cases: block-based, file-based, object-based and hyperconverged-and the different situations they present.

Comprehensive hybrid cloud data solutions for any business, any data type

See how IBM Spectrum Storage Suite can help you handle the data explosion, manage all types of storage, and quickly test and implement new cognitive applications, all while maintaining predictable, controlled costs.

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