Being a service provider comes with a lot of challenges such as keeping
your clients happy, differentiating your services from other
providers and increasing your profit margins.

Here at TES Enterprise Solutions we have been helping service providers discover how IBM LinuxONE can give you the ideal infrastructure to deliver premium cloud services so you can maximise your growth while making a difference for your end users.


IBM LinuxONE engineered to deliver exceptional performance, security and scale for a premium cloud, including:


Simplicity that drives lower costs / Massive vertical scalability that contains server sprawl / Pervasive Security that supports the toughest security requirements / Transactional performance at scale / Centralisation of data that reduces latency and operational costs / Server Consolidation opportunity that reduces infrastructure and licensing costs

Ron Argent, CEO of TES Enterprise Solutions, is presenting the case of a small MSP

Who has been successfully increasing demand for their services by providing secure, scalable and differentiated services to their clients, whilst keeping costs downW


With IBM LinuxONE as your platform, your business-critical Linux services and applications are protected against multiple attack vectors. 

Built-in pervasive encryption ensures that all data is secured both in flight and at rest. Deploy IBM Secure Service Container technology for workload isolation, restricted administrator access and tamper protection against internal threats. Cloud-native IBM LinuxONE workloads are optimised with Kubernetes container orchestration to maximise ROI on your infrastructure investments.


Secure your cloud environment
Protect your clients’ data and avoid data breach headlines with security that’s engineered in, not bolted on.

Scale in seconds

Grow on demand with a platform able to scale instantly while maintaining high performance.

No interruptions

Mission critical means always on, transactions with speeds that don’t flinch and growth on demand.

Global Bank selects FatBrain

Innovate with ease

Advance on an open platform with a broad ecosystem and a great foundation for critical workloads like blockchain. 



Security / Pervasive encryption is here

No other Linux server can deliver more protection against both internal and external cyber threats – fast and without changes to applications.

• Enabled for 100% application data encryption

• Key protection

• Insider threat protection

• Isolated workloads for multi-tenant cloud protection

• Tamper proof crypto cage

Operational excellence / Better value through data centre simplicity

IBM LinuxONE enables rapid development of high quality services through a develop anywhere, deploy anywhere approach built on open standards.

Gain new efficiency by managing your entire workload from a single console:

• Bring performance and automation data from disparate sources into a single interface

• Consolidate software licenses

• Gain integrated monitoring to optimise your network in near real time

Performance at scale / Do up to 1000x the work of x86

With the ability to do the work of up to 1000 x86 cores, IBM LinuxONE handles parallel mixed workloads with hundreds of dedicated I/O processors and the fastest commercial processor available.

• Scale up or out without slowing down

• Leverage data in place without sharing

• Gain up to 50% faster Java performance

Low TCO / Consolidate and save

Tie the infrastructure investment to business growth without having to buy capacity before it is required. Moving your workloads to the new IBM LinuxONE can significantly reduce your risk and save you from many hidden costs driven by the complexity of x86 environments.

• Smaller industry standard frame

• Lower entry cost

• Granular scalability

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