#TEStalk - June 2022

Winning Against Ransomware in 2022

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Why do some organisations get hit hard by a cyber-attack, and others seem to easily contain the attack and carry on?

Board, Investors, and regulators are taking notice. Numerous recent surveys indicate Ransomware/Cyber-Attacks is the number 1 threat and risk on the minds of CXOs.

If your organisation has not executed a cyber-attack/ransomware simulation, then you could be unprepared when one hits.

The biggest mistake you can make is not fully understanding your risk level.

This is why many organisation ‘pay the price’ afterwards with exorbitant ransom demands, temporary crippled operations, immediate revenue loss, lost customer confidence – and sometimes, personal job loss.

During this interactive event on 14 June 2022, learn where organisations tend to be overconfident and poorly prepared. Get the actions you need to take today to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. Learn about:

Speaker Panel

Rob Davis

Director, TES Enterprise Solutions

Eben Louw

European Lead, IBM X-Force

David Reynolds

Storage Leader, TES Enterprise Solutions

Sam Hector

Sales Leader, IBM Security