Protect, Secure, Optimise and Unlock Your Most Important Asset:
Your Data

Enterprise Platforms (IBM Z & LinuxONE)

From on-premises to your cloud strategy, IBM Z and LinuxONE is the workhorse for today's secure-first IT strategies. Strengths include Zero Trust, Data Resiliency, Confidential Computing and scalable real-time Al.

Data Protection and Storage

Data and content continue to grow exponentially. Ineffective storage strategies can increase IT spend by 30% a year. Effective strategies eliminates that spend and keeps your data secure, protected, resilient to corruption and ready for Al.

Hybrid Cloud

100% cloud or 100% on premises are not the only 2 options. Hybrid cloud balances the two, enabling workloads to be executed in the most effective, compliant and efficient location. From strategy to migration or repatriation, get the performance you need with the cost you want.

Al and Automation

Real time Al inferencing at scale is no longer theoretical. Unlock the potential of your data and people through data insights, data-centric decision modeling and automation. Our Experts can show you how.

Innovation Services

Technology continues to evolve. New benefits, new discoveries, new business models are created every day from this evolution. Learn the art of the possible with a complimentary innovation session with one of our innovation leaders.

Infrastructure Optimisation

IT costs exploded during the pandemic. Many organisations are now undergoing cost alignment initiatives to rein in and streamline costs. Learn how to squeeze more (value) out of existing assets and optimise your current strategy.

Sustainable Green IT

Technology will enable organisations achieve Net Zero commitments and regulatory requirements. From tracking and reporting to deploying infrastructure that consumes less energy, is made from sustainable components and produces less emissions, Green IT can enable your sustainable future.

What's the potential of your data

Capitalise on Opportunities,

Squash the Threats

Understand the opportunities waiting to be unlocked, the threats lurking below and the innovations that you can deploy to address both.

Benefit from our duality approach:
Get new value
while avoiding new problems some solutions can create.

Capitalise on Opportunities

Squash the Threats

Best Hybrid Cloud Solution

IBM Beacon Award

Put the Right Components Together,
In The Right Order

Benefit from our experience. Our team of ‘smart minds’ determine the right pieces, then our ‘safe hands’ assemble and deploy those components in the right manner for maximum impact.

What's Your Biggest Opportunity
Or Threat Right Now ?

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Ian Wilson, Managing Director | Fort Vale

“Our working philosophy at Fort Vale is ‘continuous improvement’. In any market, the company that will win business is the one that makes it easiest for you to buy from them.

TES has great IBM expertise, and they are very easy to work with. The team from TES were incredibly responsive, careful and helped us get the perfect solution for our needs.”