Enterprise Database Consolidation.
Same Performance. 30% less

COVID Pushed Unplanned IT Spend Up 20-40%. Do You Have a Plan to Sustainability for 2021? We do.

Oracle Licensing remains one of the largest and most complex line item in most IT Budgets. You could be overspending by 33% or more.


Cloud Strategy Aligned

Software Savings: 60-75%

21:1 Consolidation Ratio


Your COVID Response Plan Was Great.

Until the Invoices Came Due. Now What?

Your cloud-first strategy was near perfect. The transition plan was on-track. Then Covid hit, an event no one saw coming.

Your strategy seemed to be answer, until the invoices came due.

If you are like most organisations engaging with us, Covid has pushed your IT spend to an unsustainable path.

You need to act now, as your leadership team is demanding a reduction in 2023.

Do you know how to reduce your spend without additional disruption or sacrificing performance, and bring your IT budget back to a sustainable spend in 2023? We do.

This One Simple Trick Can Save You Millions.

Keep your Cloud Strategy intact.

A common afterthought is the deployment of the infrastructure, and Oracle customers are seeing a drastic reduction in IT spend using LinuxONE. It may come as a surprise that the #1 workload on LinuxONE is the Oracle DB. Perhaps not when you consider:


Same workload as X86, up to 90% fewer cores. Instant license cost savings!


The highest rated secure system on the market.


Run the Linux distribution of your choice, including a mix of distributions or version and release levels. It also lets you run mixed workloads all on the same highly reliable and performant system.

How TES will Reduce your IT Spend in 2023

The potential to saving millions without disruption or sacrificing performance is driving many organisations like yours to explore what are the right changes needed in 2023.

Every Oracle License Agreement is different. We are making this offer to selected Oracle customers on a first come first service basis. 

If eligible, this no-charge engagement provides you with the complete analysis and roadmap to savings in 45 days or less. Each engagement is executed by one of consultants who are also ex-Oracle.

No-Charge Evaluation

Risk free to you. Deep dive analysis to pinpoint cost reductions and consolidation ratios.


IT Economic Analysis

Cost containment options (Immediate and 5 year ROI). See real performance metrics and cost savings with our plan.


PoC & Cost Consolidation

Our Proof of Concept proves IT performance is not compromised when cost savings are realised. Ask about the performance guarantees and a quick change management workshop.


Are You Eligible to Reduce Your IT Spend by Millions (£)?

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