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ISO 20022 Compliance (UK Deadline 2022 November)

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The ISO 20022 Timeline

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What Role Will You Play?

Just Comply:
Do the absolute minimum, often just in time, to meet compliance requirements and tick a
box. No plans to benefit from ISO 20022’s rich payments meta-data.

Comply and Benefit:
Understand the impact of ISO 20022 and advantages it can deliver. Comply first without spending obscene amounts of money. Understand the new data language and how your bank /financial institution can extract value, before looking at ways to extract the full potential from ISO 20022 data.

All-In From Day 1
You know by 2025 most of the world will have moved to ISO 20022 and decide to go all out
on day 1, either changing core systems to be ISO 20022 native or moving completely to a
Payments hub.

//Be Ready

ISO 20022 Deadline is Fast Approaching

Leaders across Governance, Payments and Operations can accelerate their compliance plan
or validate their data readiness for ISO 20022 with tactical approaches from TES.

Let’s talk how your compliance preparedness and future can be a breeze.

Rob Davis
Business Director

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Next Generation Banking Solutions with TES, Fiorano and IBM zSystems & IBM LinuxONE

Mainframe and cloud are not either-or propositions. They are seamlessly intertwined in delivering cutting-edge enterprise-wide agility and capability, and together help secure operations, reduce latency, and drive legacy processes to levels of dynamic innovation previously only possible for born in the cloud insurgents.

Fiorano’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) on IBM Z and LinuxONE delivers an easy, secure and scalable route to next generational banking functions out-of-the-box, including: 

//Infrastructure for Tech’s Next Evolution

The future is unpredictable. Your IT infrastructure should be.

Remove the uncertainty. Ensure your IT platforms can handle anything life throws at it – without breaking the budget.

Digital Infrastructure


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ISO 20022 Compliance Readiness

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