Your IT Platform Matters

To cope with the ever changing regulatory landscape and new cyber security threats, your organisation must have superior IT infrastructure. However you consume it, it must be secure – yet open, resilient and highly available – yet flexible, but still be economically aligned to your current needs with the ability to seamlessly scale as your requirements change.

Your IT Platform Matters

To cope with todays ever changing regulatory landscape, and new cyber security threats, your organization must have superior IT infrastructure. However you consume it, it must be secure – yet open, resilient and highly available – yet flexible, but still be economically aligned to your current needs with the ability to seamlessly scale as your requirements change.

Crisis Creates New Needs

Before COVID-19, you couldn’t walk into a local restaurant and get a beer to take away or you couldn’t talk to your doctor over Zoom or FaceTime. Now you can. Why? Because the law was changed. Pre-coronavirus, when you’d ask why something was done in a certain way. The answer was often, “Because that’s the way it’s always been done.” As we adapt to remote working and drive new solutions, this opens the door to more Business Continuity challenges, Digital Transformation opportunities and Cyber Security threats! We are here to help our clients navigate these changes, by helping them implement IT infrastructure to address these needs.
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We find ourselves in a new world. As a result, businesses are now serving customers in new ways and companies are having to be more innovative, which presents new opportunities and needs.

Helping our clients

We specialise in building resilient infrastructure solutions from the foundations up.

We understand that business disruptions are not simply inconvenient; they can damage your reputation and destroy your business. That’s why we focus on helping our clients build resilient and secure IT infrastructure.

IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE infrastructure provides reliability, availability, scalability and security to meet our clients Business Continuity needs for today. However, with the flexibility to adapt to the ever- changing landscape of regulatory and compliance demands and Digital Transformation requirements over time, seamlessly.

With our heritage in Mainframe technology our team of skilled specialists have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their Business objectives and we are proud that our solutions have been recognised in the industry:

We are proud to announce that we have now graduated to Platinum Business Partner status with IBM in 2020. This is the highest level of recognition awarded by IBM.

Recognised as a Beacon Award finalist for: Outstanding customer experience solution on zEnterprise.

Check out some of our client SUCCESS stories:

Enhancing customer experience by securely sharing production and supply chain information.

Fort Vale wanted to boost customer experience by providing detailed information on production and delivery. Seeking an agile, reliable and highly secure platform for a new integrated ERP system, we deployed IBM LinuxONE, which helped accelerate reporting and help to share data with customers. This improved their buyer journeys by providing timely and detailed information to customers, delivering new insights quickly, reliably and securely, while keeping future options open.

Turning enterprise-level problems into positive, measurable outcomes with IBM Systems technologies

For many companies, the secret to differentiation lies in technology. We specialise in building customised architecture for clients based on IBM Systems technologies that fulfils this aim, while controlling costs and environmental impact; an approach that’s paying dividends for our clients.

Enabling social Enterprise start ups to bring their vision to life with technology

We helped Cognition Foundry design, architect, implement and maintain their datacenter environment that allows them to serve their start up clients with Enterprise class technology like no other organisation. This gives Cognition Foundry a unique position in the market to drive some outstanding award-winning initiatives.

Check out how Cognition Foundry are using our Technology Solutions to drive real impact to people and the environment

Plastic Bank – stop ocean
plastic and alleviate poverty
by making plastic waste a
currency. With Blockchain on
IBM LinuxONE and IBM Cloud

Investors In Community –
Maximising CSR and HSR value of charitable giving to help individuals and businesses make a real difference. With Blockchain on IBM LinuxONE

Newlight – Turning greenhouse gas into high performance biomaterials. With Blockchain on IBM LinuxONE technologies

Why our clients choose IBM z and IBM LinuxOne


Built in RAS: (Reliability, Availability,
Serviceability) technology, self-checking and
self-recovery, workload isolation, replacement
and diagnosis of failed components.


Encrypts data wherever it goes with in flight and at rest with Pervasive encryption and IBM Data Privacy Passports.


Provides a cloud native ecosystem for access and use by administrators, developers and architects – with integration to developers preferred opensource tools for your digital transformation needs.


Reduce TCO, operating budget, software license costs and more. Reduced footprint and energy consumption make this a much greener choice for the environmentally conscious.

Making this the ideal solution for our clients to meet their Business Continuity, Security, Disaster
Recovery and Digital Transformation needs whilst simplifying manageability and reducing costs

Further Resources

Check out the “cloud without compromise e-book” for more information on: 

  • Build once, deploy anywhere – Developers build and modernise to meet customer needs
  • Enable a cloud native experience with Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z
  • Encrypt data, wherever it goes – that protects you and your ecosystem
  • Be available and resilient to meet “always-on” demands
  • Get the platform purpose-built for cloud and fits your capacity needs
  • Integrate storage into your hybrid multicloud – Protect 100 percent of data with cyber resilient storage

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