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Adoption of digital assets is rapidly accelerating as the technology matures and regulations become clearer. Businesses across Financials, Real Estate and Ecosystems are exploring and deploying digital assets like  tokenized assets and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for new offerings, creating new business models and unlocking new value chains.

For your next Digital Asset initiative, engage TES to Strategise, Build, Secure, Deploy and Protect your bespoke platform with our end-to-end services and technologies from Enterprise vendors like IBM.

Build Bespoke Digital Asset Platforms with Blockchain

Develop and build a bespoke Blockchain-based platform to drive your next Digital Asset initiative using the latest platforms from HyperLedger and others.

TES’ Consulting and Development Services features current and previous IBM Champions.

Secure and Deploy your Digital Asset Platform

TES leverages enterprise-grade hardware-based services, paired with a security model certified at the highest levels to provide the most complete infrastructure solution to safeguard, store, trade, issue and manage your Digital Assets. 

Get the building blocks to create end-to-end solutions for storing and transferring large quantities of digital assets in highly secure wallets, providing the technology to create a warm wallet solution with the security of cold storage. 

Engage TES to deploy the right platform that can:

Deploy on-premises, on the cloud and in hybrid formats.

Protect Data Beyond Digital Assets

Recover quickly, safely and with confidence.

Protect beyond your Digital Assets with Cyber Protection and Recovery solutions from TES.
Avoid ransomware disruption with proven recovery strategies and solutions to:

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