Strategic Partnership:
TES Enterprise Solutions and FatBrain simplify AI Solutions for Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare and Retail

TES becomes the strategic partner for technologies in the UK and EMEA. TES expands data solution portfolio and AI practise, incorporating FatBrain as a foundation into its solution offerings.

LONDON, UK | NEW YORK, USA, June 1, 2021 – TES Enterprise Solutions (“TES”), a leading enterprise IT solutions provider, today announced a new strategic business partnership with FatBrain LLC, a leading dynamic risk intelligence software provider, to accelerate the development of transformative solutions through AI and machine learning technology adoption in the UK and EMEA. The FatBrain AI platform will form a foundation of TES’ Hybrid Cloud solutions targeting financial services, insurance, healthcare and retail sectors.

A key differentiator is the ability to out-perform GPUs – a common component in many AI environments.

Taking advantage of differentiated memory and cache capabilities for continuous and iterative learning featuring tight in-transaction time budgets, the platform has shown to out-gain GPUs for such tasks – even in the secure-by-design environment with pervasive encryption at rest and in transit, and protection for data in-use.

The TES solution offerings include addressing key risks and challenges associated with critical enterprise operating processes. Such processes include customer growth, loss prevention, fraud detection, compliance testing and reporting, credit authorisation and risk scoring. Early adopters of the FatBrain platform have achieved an efficient or effective result of approx 90%, unlocking hundreds of millions of dollars in value after deploying the solution.

“We are excited to introduce our European and UK customers to FatBrain’s proven AI/Machine Learning platform across two-dozen diverse business cases,” states Ron Argent, CEO, TES Enterprise Solutions. “I’m really impressed with the accuracy, risk anticipation and ROI outcomes that FatBrain’s technology delivers for its customers. We see our financial services clients benefiting greatly from exploiting FatBrain’s industry-leading financial toolsets (AML, credit scoring etc.) improving competitiveness and achieving lower operating costs.”

“We’re delighted to be working with the TES team to enable its customers’ decision-making transformation from brittle rules to data-driven outcomes,” states Peter B. Ritz, CEO, FatBrain. “As consumers, companies and regulators feel the industrialized brunt of the data blitzkrieg it has become very difficult to know whom to trust when. With the FatBrain AI platform and TES solutions, enterprise teams can realize AI superpowers to fight fraud and abuse, offer financial inclusion, and optimize yields.”

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About FatBrain LLC is an enterprise AI software pioneer in dynamic risk intelligence solutions to gain clients, fight financial crimes, improve healthcare, and optimize yields. Its automation framework has been proven across two dozen diverse business cases featuring auditable, explainable and simple ways to integrate AI-aided solutions for mid-market to F500s.

FatBrain’s clients consistently outperform the combinations of 9-figure brittle rules-based systems requiring hundreds of human experts in markets such as finance, healthcare, pharma, food, and tech (e.g., Bank of America, Comcast, IBM, Pilgrim’s, Samsung). FatBrain LLC is private and self-funded, led by its principals winning over 15 years together with multiple 9-11 figure outcomes in cybersecurity, cloud/devops, and insurtech, supported by the core team based in NYC, SFO and Bangalore, with strategic relationships with leading universities.

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