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TES Enterprise Solutions Partners With Phoenix Systems to Expand Secure Cloud Solutions for Sensitive and Mission Critical Data

Provides one of the only truly enterprise-secure, enterprise-grade platforms that is financially viable for UK-based organisations to hold their sovereign data 

London, England & Zürich, Switzerland – 5 July, 2023

TES Enterprise Solutions, a UK private cloud company, and Phoenix Systems are announcing a strategic partnership to provide cloud-based platforms for sensitive and sovereign data. The Agreement will see TES embed the kvant Cloud Platform from Phoenix Systems into their award-winning Secure Hybrid Cloud platform.

The enhanced cloud platform is designed to provide the foundation for mission-critical workloads in government, healthcare, life sciences, education and financial services organisations. This will enable organisations to fully secure their sensitive data, have full control over data accessibility and retain all encryption keys to their data and systems.

The TES Secure Hybrid Cloud platform is one of the only such platforms financially viable for UK organisations, providing:

  • Encrypted by default (at rest, in transit, in use)
  • Keep Your Own Key Capabilities
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Infrastructure-as-Code principles for reduced deployment time
  • Secure AI for real-time inferencing
  • Managing all resources from one pane of glass within a zero-trust framework

Organisations can justifiably have high expectations for the TES Secure Cloud platform, including:

  • Reduced spend! Save up to 60% versus other cloud environments
  • A path to sustainability targets with Green IT design
  • Up to 99.99999% availability
  • Multi-Tenancy readiness
  • Enable full control over data and application (in country)
  • Reduce IT complexity

Ron Argent, Chief Executive Officer, TES Enterprise Solutions says;

“Our customers are questioning the security and provenance of the solutions provisioned by hyperscalers. For those customers, a private cloud is often difficult to manage, inefficient and costly. Not only that, IT leaders are being forced to align with their organisation’s sustainability goals. Our partnership with Phoenix Systems addresses these challenges. Organisations now have access to a differentiated platform that combines the best of public and private cloud, built upon leading-edge, highly-sustainable technology – at a price point well below expectations. This is truly game-changing.”

Florian Nöll, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Systems AG says;

"This collaboration is particularly intriguing for companies conducting business in the UK and Switzerland, considering the special standing of both countries in Europe. For Phoenix Systems, it represents a notable milestone as we broaden our presence in a new market. Leveraging the expertise and expansive network of TES Enterprise Solutions, this collaboration will provide a brave approach to an innovative cloud, empowering businesses with exceptional performance, scalability, and security. This partnership not only demonstrates our dedication to delivering innovative solutions but also opens a sovereign alternative for the journey to the cloud of our customers utilizing multiple cloud environments.”

For more information, please visit tes-es.com/securecloud

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About TES Enterprise Solutions:

Since 2012, TES has provided cross industry solutions to Large Enterprises, SMEs and startups. These secure-by-design solutions are used across financial services, healthcare, insurance, retail, education and services sectors. Headquartered in London, England, TES has been at the forefront of driving business transformation and IT efficiency for the UK market, while making enterprise technology accessible for all company sizes and types.  Learn more by visiting https://www.tes-es.com/

Media Contact:  Scott Tomlinson, Head of Marketing scott.tomlinson@tes-es.com



About Phoenix Systems:

Phoenix Systems AG, headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, is a Swiss Hyperscaler with the mission to build the most modern and cost-effective cloud from Switzerland. With kvant, Phoenix Systems offers a highly automated, efficient, and sustainable cloud platform, ensuring control over mission-critical workloads.

To learn more, visit https://phoenix-systems.ch
Media Contact: Nicolas Rau, Head of Marketing nicolas.rau@phoenix-systems.ch



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